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This is our little copy paste I give those answers most initial questions,
Feel free to email back if you have any other questions :)

Everything is licensed and made to order on new discs.
Choose disc art and cases in the listing.
Single seasons are available linked on the front page or in complete series listings.

All discs are region free, we just do not support consoles and some very old players
may have difficulty with DVD-R.

Standard Case:Covers printed on glossy paper
Laminated Case: Covers printed on glossy paper are then laminated to be water-proof.

We ship from the US: Ohio and Georgia.

Shipping costs are by weight, so varies, but generally from US to US is $5-10 or more for priority,
while US to other countries can be much higher depending on what is purchased and if you include cases,
insurance, priority handling.

The good news is you can see the total during checkout without having to confirm or pay for your order.

The quality of our DVDs are perfect unless otherwise stated by a disclaimer in the listing.
We pay licensing fees on every title we carry, and offer a refund or credit if not satisfied.

You can start putting through the order at, it will give you the shipping price
before confirming a purchase, also after you place an order, you will receive 2 emails: The
official invoice for your records and a personal confirmation with everything else.

A lot of companies don't feel they'll make enough ROI so they sell individual licenses to a
company like us then charge us an annual licensing fee.

Some shows we carry that have no retail release is the same license amazon uses for digital
media they either stream or burn to disc, offering art and cases where listed for a small
added fee.

Everything else is made to order based on this license as well which is why there are some
things contractually we cannot carry and others we can, and thus can reduce prices.

We do not make copies or rips of any retail dvds. We pay all of our licensing fees through our processor AUTHORIZE and EVOPAYMENTS and are backed by the bank underwriters. We've been open now since May of 2016 and our 5 Star Rating on Facebook and 10,000 orders is a testament to our care for every customer.

Some shows were re-mastered a while back, but only to those willing to cover the annual costs and have no conflicting contracts, and since we have no contracts with distribution services, there was no conflict so we could pay the cost and carry it, which is something no one else wants to do or are in a position to do, like amazon, netflix, hulu, youtube, etc... Sometimes being a smaller company is better since there aren't these licensing conflicts.

You can add covers/cases with the order as described in the listing at the bottom, otherwise, the set comes in sleeves with slipcovers in resealing cello bags. This is because these days most people choose to save the money rather than get cases, so this lets us keep prices and carbon footprint down.

Are your DVDs region free: YES
Do your dvds have interactive menus such as episode selection?: Yes
Can your DVDs be played on any DVD Player? Any but game consoles


Sure! So, many people want to save the most amount of money they can and get their orders as quickly as possible, so we offer disc art and cases optionally, as shown at the bottom of each listing.

If you don't get the cases, each disc is in an envelope and each season is wrapped in an artwork slipcover and sealed in cello bags, and shipped safely in edge protected boxes :)


The reason cases cost a little extra overseas is because of the high chance of breaking and scratched discs require extra packaging.

If you do not purchase cases, the set would come in envelopes and artwork slipcovers and sealed in cello bags, everything is really nice either way :)

Shipping is by weight probably around $23 USD but it tells you while checking out to confirm.


If you are having trouble logging in due to using a VPN, I know the VPN I use, Private Internet Access settings has something called Split Tunneling. Just add our site IP: and you will have no trouble logging in to!

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