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Shipping & Returns

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INTNL Shipping Policy:

A little something extra we offer as a service to international buyers... we know how expensive shipping costs are, and in the case that you put in two orders and we ship them together, we will combine the shipping costs and refund the difference once your package label is printed. I could take the money as profit, but I prefer to do the right thing, why is why I make it our word and I stand by it, every time.

US Shipping Policy:

Shipping labels are printed early to create a work order queue, any questions or concerns can be emailed


We don't usually ship CASES out of the country (USA) because of the much higher shipping cost and susceptibility to breakage, but we will if you want it and accept that if anything happens to them we aren't responsible for replacing or refunding them and understand the cost of the cases is small, but the shipping price can be quite high which sucks, sometimes I recommend a customer just buy the artwork covers from us if you want to pick up your own cases locally and save the money, I can even help with the sizes, small cases holding discs of 2, 3, 4, and 6 are 14mm and the 12-disc cases are 27mm.

I hope that helps, feel free to email any time if you have any questions or concerns or requests.

Packages are shipped via media mail or priority based on the discretion of DVDUA.
Usually orders that can fit in a priority mail envelope will ship via priority mail,
while larger packages or packages with multiple cases must be shipped MEDIA MAIL.

Many things can happen to cause minor setbacks, whether it's usps forgetting to pick up packages or I don't get to an order as quickly as I thought I might,
so we ask for your patience, we will get to everyone, and offer the best prices and customer service hopefuilly in return for your patience and understanding.

Thank You!

Global Shipping Policy:

All titles are either shipped priority or media mail on our discretion. It really depends how well the store is doing and how big the order. We usually ship priority mail though which is a 1-3 day turn-around after shipping not after ordering. Orders are processed how they are received, and if we have a lot of orders or are waiting for materials the wait time can add a week. We are always available for rush orders, for all enquiries via the lilve chat, or support email and facebook social media.

We are not responsible for or stolen lost packages and shipping is not refunded on all international orders.

Refund Policy:

All sales are final.
Any replacements you need we will ALWAYS send for free one time.
Any refunds will not include shipping costs unless the error is ours.

I don't give people a hard time like other sellers out there, but with how easy it is to copy discs and we must cover contract fees for every set sold, all sales are final. Trust me, I know a lot of 'em, and I strive to be better. I believe the customer keeps my life going, so i can work on my other passions like my music, and spending my life with the love of my life.

So, I am grateful to all my customers, I respect that relationship, and will always do my best to make you happy... I also love hearing the stories of people connecting with an estranged family member​, a stressed family member, a friend, how people connect with an old show,  or shared interest... to me that's what it's all about.

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