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Current Fundraiser: Erik Von Brunn
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Goal: $3000 Raised: $700

20% of all sales and 50% of all sales in the Gift Shop are donated to our current charity

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News of the Day

Audio Issues will arise if playing in an XBOX or other gaming console, we do not support these players.

(Feb 25, 2020):
Remember, all orders have a chance to get a free pendant from our gift shop which helps charity when purchased. Angels, Hearts, Crystals, Elephants, Mandalas and more!

(Feb 21, 2020):
The site is up, but be aware we are a bit behind on orders, so there is a longer wait time than usual for orders shipping, going as fast as we can and we are all very thankful for the orders, I just feel bad about making anyone wait too long.

Thank you!

(Feb 13, 2020):
I had so much money, then I paid off the last of my debt and am broke again. Honestly, the peace of mind is worth it... and now Sysyphys (I know it's misspelled, but I prefer all y's)... begins rolling the stone back up the hill...

(Feb 12, 2020):
So, here's what I'm thinking in 2020... If I don't spend money on things like business cards, stickers, all those little things... I can upgrade the quality of our discs exponentially which will be better for our customers peace of mind as there's less chance of issues with discs upon subsequent playbacks over playbacks over playbacks... and that's what matters the most.

There are levels of disc quality and price teirs. The higher the disc quality, the better my customers feel and that is my #1 priority. So, look for that coming very soon!

(Feb 11, 2020):
So the Canon 9020 ink absorber wound up getting full but the printer was still in warranty, so Canon upgraded me to the 8220 which is installed and printing beautifully, and thankfully using my im age garden and all the disc art I've created, so whew! And the covers look amazing.

(Feb 3, 2020):
Good news! We did so well this week in sales that every single one of our licenses renewed us. Hooray! This is a big deal as if we had lost them all, it would have really impacted how we move forward and gathering more contracts and distrbutors. I hope your 2020 is off to as good a start as ours.

Thank you to all who helped us raise money for Australian Wildlife.

(Jan 12, 2020:):
Now you can buy any of our specialty necklaces while supporting charity, (here)

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Thought of the Day

2/20/2020: The world is a tangled knot, tug of war battles waged as long as people play. The war will never end and this is by design... in fact, I am beginning to think the solution is found in the movie WARGAMES, which states, the only way to win is not to play.

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