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News of the Day

(May 8, 2020):
I figured out how to disable some categories so when I'm in catch-up mode I could keep consignment categories open for my people to still take orders, I don't want them to suffer because I personally am falling behind.

(May 3, 2020):
Something you should know about DVDUA. We're a small company of 5 employees, so we're good, but we're a little slow, so please be patient.

We're a sit-down restaurant, not fast food. You come to us for quality and care, not a drive-through window where no one remembers you. We remember you.

(Apr 28, 2020):
Donation has been upped from 10% per sale to 20%. I believe that will allow us to make a greater impact on the efforts we believe in.

(Apr 22, 2020):
Good news, we are working out a deal with a new case provider, so nothing may change at all.

DVDUA has a new personal fundraiser for a friend and her family during these hard times. As you know, I like to give back and take care of others as much as I can, so 10% of all sales starting retroactively on April 22nd until the end of the month will help out Rachel and Michael who are currently living with her parents as their home was eaten by dinosaurs or something. They're setting up the page with the story so I can link, I believe in transparency and your ability to actually see the money being donated, so stay tuned!

It probably wasn't dinosaurs...

(Apr 21, 2020):
Our cases provider are now closed during COVID-19 until the governor reopens, so cases are as supplies last right now. We have a bunch of cases on hand thankfully. But were ordering 12-disc and I believe 3-disc cases so that means when they run out we'll use 4-disc cases and 6 we have on hand. If you order cases and we do not have them, we will refund that cost to you or allow you to get them later at no cost once the craziness ends.

(Apr 13, 2020):
Some important updates from DVDUA.
  • #1 - We have fully upgraded to a higher quality disc not just for our masters but for all orders as well.
  • #2 - Shipping times are a bit longer at the moment due to the virus situation.
  • #3 - Many orders are being upgraded to priority shipping at no cost.
We wish you the very best, stay safe, we are with you and want you to get your orders ASAP!

(Mar 23, 2020):
Replacing fear with shared stories and joy at DVDUA.COM all week, our BOGO is 50% and free US shipping on all orders of $50 or more. We know money's tight and we want to do our part to make your time through this as comfortable as possible.

(Mar 20, 2020):
** Cleaned up some old files that were causing a false positive in Chrome to appear unsecure, but let me be clear. DVDUA is and has been HTTPS Secure for a long time now, we upgraded that aspect a year ago, and have now upgraded Zen from 1.5.4 to current and PHP to current and all PCI DSS compliance is current, you can verify here **

(Mar 12, 2020):

We have been asked by a few customers about the vacation and how they were planning to place orders because everyone is on a forced isolation and want some shows to watch and relax during this difficult time dealing with the Corona Virus and I completely agree...

Therefore our vacation is being postponed for now.

We will be here for you, you guys have been here for us and I am profoundly grateful.

I will take the vacation eventually, but this is not the time.

Be well and take care of each other! Please wash your hands very thoroughly and stay positive!

President and Community Manager of DVDUA

Thought of the Day

3/27/2020: "If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit." ~Banksy

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