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DVDUA IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! WE'RE APPROVED BY EVO FOR DIRECT CHECKOUT, SO WE ARE CELEBRATING BY KEEPING THIS SALE GOING ALL WEEK! We will keep the other checkout options available for those who wish to use them, but we hope this eases your mind that the customer service we promise will always be guaranteed by us 100%

We are looking to hire a professional to redo our website to be more professional and user friendly! So look for that in the near future! We want to maintain the integrity and customer service but also appeal as well aesthetically.

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  • Tip: Remember, every title that sells goes on a small short sale in our specials for one week!

We pride ourselves in having the best customer service on the net, or more accurately, we try to be, and we learn from the best and your suggestions.

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It seems to me that if almost every cautionary tale comes to pass, why aren't we making more utopian films so they too can come to pass? The way I see it, fear tactics have their place, but so does inspiring the next generation to have something to aspire to beyond the survival of those fear tactics... Maybe to balance out the cautionary tales it's time for more uplifting and hopeful films that challenge us to say what if things could get better in a way we haven't thought of yet? What if this paradigm of dystopia can be balanced by a hopeful utopia? Not the kind that makes us lazy or apathetic, but a compassionate reality after having seen the suffering of all mankind that is tethered to a promise of togetherness and something greater we can yet still achieve?- April 23, 2018

Visit the tribute page to my lovely Linda, Queen of Lobsters <3


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