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Online Returns Policy

It's important to us at DVDUA that you are happy with your new purchase, that's why we offer easy returns for up to 30 days - whatever the reason.



Find your order number starting with 'US'
Three ways to find your order number:
On your order confirmation email
In the Order History section of your online account
On the Delivery Note you recieved with your order, labeled as 'Our Reference'
Securly pack all items you wish to return
Download and complete our returns form We need this to identify your item
The cost of returns within the United States must be covered by the customer. We suggest using your local postal service or a courier.

Package your return addressed to:

4362 West 48th ST
Cleveland, OH 44144 USA

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Maintenance is done on Tuesday mornings EST when necessary, but not necessarily every Tuesday.

Adding Cases:

DISC ART / CASES Sure! So, many people want to save the most amount of money they can and get their orders as quickly as possible, so we offer disc art and cases optionally, as shown at the bottom of each listing. If you don't get the cases, each disc is in an envelope and each season is wrapped in an artwork slipcover and sealed in cello bags, and shipped safely in edge protected boxes :)

Are titles in stock?
Items are made to order.

Will this play in my country?
Please do not play discs in a gaming console. Format is worldwide region zero so we do ship worldwide

Why do you offer cases separately?
Most people don’t want cases so this allows us to offer better savings while also creating less waste.

Can you please confirm and advise the number of episodes for a particular title that is provided?
All seasons are complete unless stated otherwise.

Can you also confirm that the digital copies of the episodes you provide on the discs are from the official production company? They are not downloads from torrents for example? 
I have checked the files they sent us, and if they do have aired logos it is because they maintain clean copies to sell themselves for about 3-5x as much, this is the only way they allow us to sell them at our price point.

Can you confirm prices on your website are in US dollars? Or if not, what other currency?
US Dollars

What payment methods do you have available for me being based in Australia?
Our business license was approved and CC for international buyers can check out directly and securely.

Please also advise what country you are based? USA?

For the shipping, is the package tracked?
Packages are tracked within the US, but shipping costs for international packages are VERY high, so you would have to pay extra for specific tracking once it leaves the country, but we haven't had a lost package in years.

Playback Conditions:

We do not recommend XBOX playback as audio sync issues have been known to occur.

  • US Fast Option: Photos of filled check (front and back) emailed in - if you email a check you do not have to mail it, we can deposit via mobile deposit and thus get your order out even faster!
  • Mail in: Check / Money Order / Concealed Cash
  • Debit Option: Manually sent secure invoice via Authorize or Google Checkout (US Only)

What happens when I place an order?

A. If this is your first order with us, please pay attention if you:

1. Did not order disc art
2. Did not order cases

The discs will come with written season and disc
In nice envelopes and slipcovers and sealed in cellobags
and bubblewrap for shipping.

If you would like disc art and/or cases, please email us prior to shipping the package.

B. Process of Order Operations:

1. Order placed, confirmation email sent
2. Status changed to "Order Handled by" when given to staff to queue.
3. Status changed to "Label Printed" and emailed when shipping label is printed.
4. Status changed to "Shipped" once packaged to go out following day or within 3 days due to USPS pickups.
5. Please do not email and ask when your order will ship as we are always working hard to see you through every step of the way but not all orders take the same amount of time.

C. Things that affect shipping time:

1. Disc Art
2. Size of order
3. Holidays and weekends
4. USPS pickup issues

D. Do you send replacements?

1. We send one free replacement package, if you find you need something else replaced later, use our replacement disc listing HERE

E. What's the ETA of my order?

1. Simple answer. We have a lot of orders in various sizes and they all take a different amount of time to complete, and longer if they include disc art. The best way to follow is to check the listed ORDER QUEUE count on the main page of prior to placing your order.

Small orders tend to ship fastest, orders without disc art within a week.

Tip: Remember, every title that sells goes on a small short sale in our specials for one week!

We pride ourselves in having the best customer service on the net, or more accurately, we try to be, and we learn from the best and your suggestions.

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