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I get emails from time to time saying they keep emailing and I don't respond. This will never happen! The only time it does is if your email address is not available for some reason. Maybe you registered under a bad email address or mistyped it when you registered... I see this all the time. I will NEVER ignore your emails, not EVER. If you feel ignored, check your email or contact support at dvdua dot com so I can check it for you. THANK YOU.

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(Nov 19, 2021):

The comic is completed and begins shipping to all orders over $50 in December, or you can buy it for $3 right now in the consignment section.
We are also making some fun phoenix tears in cute 3ml cat and doggo bottles to give as little holiday gifts to all orders over $75 in December... just something fun I wanted to do.
Our Black Friday Sale goes from November 19th-29th

(Oct 18, 2021):

The first issue of our comic is just about finished! You can support the artist by buying a copy in our store for $3, or we will be sending them out for free with every order of $50 or more in December.

Click Me: Issue 1 - A Very Furry Christmas Cat's Carol

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