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February 6, 2023

❤ Fundraisers ❤

❤ Mews❤

20+ packages ready to be picked up, but holiday dictates no USPS pickups Monday, so all orders will be picked up Tuesday.

Oct 18, 2022:
We worked on a few solutions to current issues as we upgrade the site this week.
  • Moving art and case options up the listing to just below the add to cart box to be more visible.
  • Created new single-season listing art on the site's main page.
  • High-priority sets will have options set to ON by default.
  • First-time buyers who make the mistake will be given them for free on small sets with an explanation of how we do things.
  • Checkout now includes a notice reminder about Art and Cases.

Aug 6, 2022:
Updated the Best-Sellers list and created sub-categories for all consignment hires to make the site tidier.

July 29, 2022:
As one who runs a smol business that cares, it came to my attention that the Linda Ronstadt episode in the original Muppets S5D4 does not work. We have remastered and offer a free replacement if yours comes from the batch that does not work.

July 20, 2022:
The auto-Sale module is working again.

July 11, 2022:
I am so happy with our store web developer. He coded it so any time a title sells, it automatically goes on 10% sale for seven days. I used to have to do this manually for everything that sells. Balaji is a god. I love him, thank you!

July 11-14, 2022:
Our Order Queue is now automated in real-time!

We have [Facebook], and [Discord] for special sales.

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