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Mews of the Day

(Sep 27, 2021):
Update for Australia

Good news... thanks to the assistance of one of my amazing customers in Australia, we, together have found that instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money shipping packages Priority Express, I can ship via Global Post and my USPS carrier will pick them up as per usual... so I am going to be spending the morning updating everyone here, newsletter, website, zone rates, and make sure everyone knows, it looks like we'll be able to ship to Australia and reduce our current shipping prices.

This, of course, means that all current Australian orders will receive refunds on the difference of shipping paid, as I print your labels.

Thank You, and have a truly blessed day.

(Sep 17, 2021):
With heavy heart, I have more bad news for shipments to Australia... I just received this email:

Australia will be nuked from space... bad joke? Yes, sorry, yes, bad joke. That was just to lessen the blow from the real bad news.

Service Alert: Additional USPS service suspension to Australia

In addition to the recent suspension of First-Class Package International for shipments to Australia, USPS will suspend Priority Mail International as well, starting September 17, 2021. All shipments via these services will be returned to sender.

If you have a shipment you need to send to Australia during this time, we recommend the following :
UPS - When shipping UPS through you get discounted rates up to 76% off international shipping, with no peak surcharge. UPS has a variety of options for merchants looking for end-to-end tracking updates for online marketplaces such as Amazon & eBay.
USPS Priority Mail Express International - While more expensive than First-Class and Priority Mail, this service is currently still available for USPS delivery to Australia.

(Sep 13, 2021):
Okay, new update... I just got off the phone with USPS and they assure me I can ship Priority Mail, just not First Class International, so at least that's less than Express... will update the shipping prices on site now.
Any replacements shipped to Australia will have to wait until FCI is available again.

(Sep 8, 2021):
September 3rd, USPS halted all shipping to Australia due to transportation issues related to the COVID outbreak, you can find information on it (HERE)
I am hoping this situation they call temporary clears up soon because we have many wonderful customers in Australia and it is really hurting our business!


(August 13, 2021):
Fun Fact: My Live Chat Support has 9 agents, myself and the rest are named after every cat I currently live with or have lived with, throughout my life.
Jupiter (15y) / Luna (8y) / Shadow (5y) / Neptune (2016) / Tude (2007) / Rasta (2000) / Felicity (1998) / Maxwell (1997)

(August 11th, 2021):
A little update to the website yesterday to help mobile users out. I received an email explaining how the "my live" support chat icons (bottom right) were so big that it was hard to navigate the store without clicking them.... so, I have gone ahead and reduced the online and offline images to 50% of their old size. It seems to have helped.

(August 7th, 2021):
Paypal is being a pain, making me jump through all kinds of hoops to be able to fully use the site... not sure if they dislike licensed wholesalers or something, but if they don't let me use it, I will have to refund any current Paypal orders, so Paypal is disabled until we get this resolved.
Going to be doing big things for our dearest clients real soon.
Stay tuned ❤

Thought of the Day

09/12/2021: Thought of the Day: In England, they call garbage cans "wheelie bins". The British are officially way more adorable than Americans.

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