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How Bogo Works

BOGO MEANS BUY 1 ITEM GET THE 2nd BOGO% OFF, BOGO counts for the one item and not the entire order.

Monday: BOGO starts at 10% with free shipping at $150 and every sale goes up 1%

(It should be noted that BOGO is not active for consignment items, extras, items already on special and yard sale items)

If your order comes with a Willy Wonka golden ticket... I mean, a little silver angel necklace like the pendants seen here, you will win $100 gift certificate and free shipping in our store. I put out 10 angels outside the pile, so it just felt like the perfect amount. Just another way to keep things fun!

[7/10/2019]: If you buy a series from us that comes in say a 6-disc case, but the set has only 5 discs, we won't just leave that space empty so you wonder if you're missing a disc, we'll put an extra free microfiber cloth in its place so you always know.

[6/19/2019]: Loyalty Cards. Buy ten orders get 1 season of any show we carry for free with your next order. We will keep a card on file for every customer and your invoice confirmation will now include how many more orders you have to go... points ARE retroactive.

[6/11/2019]: Every Saturday morning I will count up all the orders from the week, roll a random number to find out which lucky customer will win a $10 and Free Shipping coupon. Just one more way for me to say, I appreciate you. Winner will be notified via emai along with an explanation in case you never read this newsletter ha!

[6/19/2019]: One way that I stand by my customers and have since day 1 since starting DVDUA on May 16th, 2016 was a promise I made for all International Buyers, which is that if your shipping winds up costing substantially less than you paid, we will refund the difference and I have always stood by that... I refunded one guy in Australia or the UK $50 on shipping costs... and you'll always know I'm being honest because I don't sneakily hide the postage costs on my packages... so you'll always know I'm not just telling you I am here for you, I really am.

Military Discount: 20% off all shipments headed to an APO or FPO.
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