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Salem - Seasons 1-3

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Looks into what really fueled the town's infamous witch trials and uncovering the dark, supernatural truth hiding behind the infamous period in American history.

John buries Mary’s body, while her son is introduced by Baron Sebastian Merburg as the Devil, who has returned, and has a plan for all mankind. But in front of all the witches, one of the Essex witches, who helped him come back, she demands a land of their own, but as a result he kills her. The blind Tituba is led by the voice of Petrus, to his cabin, and reveals to her, her mission, as a result of her eating his eyes, which swallowed his vision and his essence as a Seer. She has to bring Mary back to life and stop the Devil. And with the help of Essex witches she brings Mary back. Meanwhile Cotton tries to be free of Anne’s influence, while John makes a deal with Hathorne to protect Salem from the Indians and the French attacks.

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Seasons: 3
Discs: 6

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