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Fundraiser: Helping Artist Buy New RV and Vehicle

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Helping Artist Buy New RV or Rent Small Home
Still doing all I can to help my artist Erin move and get a new RV and vehicle. Saving is slow, but with your help we can get there. Erin offers art for donations, and I give upgraded shipping to all DVDUA customers. Thank you.

Total Raised for Our Charities: $5,598.69

Our current fundraiser is to help our artist get a new place to live.

1. Maya Wood (Dates: 8/7/2018 - 8/13/2018) (Money Raised: $151) (Link)

2. Vanessa Parchen (Dates: 8/17/2018 - 8/20/2018) (Money Raised: $46.49) (Link)

3. Relay For Life (Dates: 3/5/2019-3/31/2019) (Money Raised: $500) (Link)

4. Wildlife Rescue (Dates: 1/7/2020-1/18/2020) (Money Raised: $880) (Link)

5. Erik Von Brunn (Dates: 2/14/2020-2/29/2020) (Money Raised: $1000 (Link)

5. Rachel and Mike (Dates: 4/22/2020-5/01/2020) (Money Raised: $600 (Link)

6. The Equal Justice Initiative, The Center for Black Equity, and Black Girls Code (Dates: 6/3/2020-7/7/2020) (Money Raised: $1500 EJI: $200 | CFBE: $200 | BGC: $100 | Other: $1000)

6. Cleveland Animal Protective League (Dates: 12/11/2020-10/17/2022) (Money Raised: $687)

7. Erin Weinstock via GoFundMe (Dates: 10/16/2021-) (Money Raised: $1,548)

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