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Teacher Wish Lists & Fundraisers

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I can't give to all the teacher's amazon wish lists as I'd like, but maybe there is something I can do.
100% of all proceeds go to the fundraiser.
We match all donations 1:1
All costs of hosting, processing, those are covered by me, just as my way of giving back.

In Stock: 1000 0 (image for) DVDUA META 3 GIVEAWAY


5% of all sales go towards our two Meta 3 giveaway, once the goal hits $1000 we will find our winners. Every dollar spent = 1 point Everyone who...

In Stock: 999 0 (image for) Fundraisers


DVDUA FUNDRAISERS Total Raised for Our Charities: $11,202.43 Our current fundraiser is to help our artist get a new place to live. 0. Teacher's...

In Stock: 998 0 (image for) Shelby, NY - Kindergarten

Shelby, NY - Kindergarten

Hello! My name is Shelby and I am a Kindergarten teacher in NY. I have a Wishlist of items that will help support my classroom and students for many...

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