Learn about the world, think socially, think bigger... Be a part of the change... The Ancient Greek aphorism "know thyself" (Greek: γνωθι σεαυτόν, transliterated: gnōthi seauton; also ... σαυτόν … sauton with the ε contracted), is one of the Delphic maxims and was inscribed in the pronaos (forecourt) of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi according to the Greek periegetic (travelogue) writer Pausanias (10.24.1).[1] The maxim, or aphorism, "know thyself" has had a variety of meanings attributed to it in literature. The Suda, a 10th-century encyclopedia of Greek knowledge, says: "the proverb is applied to those whose boasts exceed what they are",[2] and that "know thyself" is a warning to pay no attention to the opinion of the multitude.[3] In Latin the aphorism is generally given as nosce te ipsum[4] or temet nosce.[5]

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A Place at the Table 1

A Place at the Table

A documentary that investigates incidents of hunger experienced by millions of Americans, and proposed solutions to the problem.

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The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick 2

The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

This series includes all 10 following episodes: The Vietnam War - 01 - Déjà Vu (1858-1961) - Broadcast Version - 2017 The Vietnam War - 02 - Riding...
$54.99  $25.00
Save: 55% off

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Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey 1

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

A documentary series that explores how we discovered the laws of nature and found our coordinates in space and time.

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Life after People - Complete Series 2

Life after People - Complete Series

What would happen to planet earth if the human race were to suddenly disappear forever? Would ecosystems thrive? What remnants of our industrialized...

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