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[8/6/2019]: A good way to know we will never give your email address or other personal information away? We don't create gimmicks that hinge on you giving us your email or phone number... a lot of companies do that... we just have giveaways to show our appreciation and all you have to do is keep enjoying the store as usual. That's it. It helps to like our Facebook and Instagram page obviously to get these giveaway and discount updates, but you never have to give us any personal info and we'll never ask you for any.
[8/5/2019]: Just a quick apology for the wait, I am working very long hours to get all orders out asap! This summer has been the busiest ever BY FAR, and I want to live up to that trust and respect. You have nothing to worry about and in the future I will have more machines to work more efficiently, thank you so much for sticking with me, I will always give 100%+
[7/31/2019]: Because someone asked, I want to make sure it's 100% clear... your information is not given or sold in any capacity from us, but kept 100% secure. We do not have access to your card numbers as they are encrypted and our backend processors are incredibly professional and backed by the bank unerwriters, so you are 100% protected and will always be with us. Your orders, your trust, your safety and your ability to shop for what you want online is our #1 priority.

All archived news about discounts and policies concerning discounts can be found (here), thanks! Thanks!
~Jonathan Berman
Preside, DVDUA
DVD Universe & Associates
Where the associates are mostly cats!

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My Thought of the Day: 7/20/2019

I love that my brain thinks in terms of experimentation and possible discovery... because so often I am pleasantly surprised by what I come up with... so tonight I blended up some Talenti Salt Caramel Gelato in with my iced coffee...

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Add cases means if the set has 48 discs, we'll put the set in 4x 12-disc cases with the laminated water-proof artwork covers.

Most people don't want cases these days, so offering them separately, allows us to further reduce cost and carbon footprint across the board, so it helps you and us.

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BOGO MEANS BUY 1 ITEM GET THE 2nd BOGO% OFF, BOGO counts for the one item and not the entire order.

Monday: BOGO starts at 10% with free shipping at $150 and every sale goes up 1%

(It should be noted that BOGO is not active for consignment items, extras, items already on special and yard sale items)

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