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BOGO Reset Timer (How Bogo Works)

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Original Thought of the Day: 5/12/2019

If we reach for highs we will reap the lows, because the highs were lies validating the drop below.

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Add cases means if the set has 48 discs, we'll put the set in 4x 12-disc cases with the laminated water-proof artwork covers.

Most people don't want cases these days, so offering them separately, allows us to further reduce cost and carbon footprint across the board, so it helps you and us.

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How Bogo Works

It has come to our attention that the current BOGO discount system is ambitious, but the problem is it does not allow for 50% BOGO weekends, unless we just randomly choose to do one because it was a good week or special occasion... and though we liked the idea that the community worked together to create BOGO weekends, it made some customers feel too dependent on others, so we tried the new system, but are reverting to the original BOGO method which was as follows:

Monday starts at 10%, every sale goes up 3%
If 25% is reached by end of friday, a 35% BOGO weekend is unlocked, if 35% is reached, a 50% BOGO weekend is unlocked.


(It should be noted that BOGO is not active for consignment items, extras, items already on special and yard sale items).

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