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BOGO Reset Timer (How Bogo Works)

News of the Day

Some technical issues came up this morning, had to reinstall windows, am back up and updating Windows, before I can even reinstall programs... so there is a slight day or two delay on orders, nothing major!

REMEMBER OUR 20% Military Discount to all military addresses!

Every title that sells goes on Special for one week, and if it sells again within that time, the special gets extended for 3 days each time.

Our customer service is here for you always.

Thank you so much for making this possible!

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Original Thought of the Day

Call it a metaphor, an open door, it's something we've all thought before... every choice we make can be an act of peace or all out war.

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How Bogo Works

Monday BOGO (buy one get one) starts at 10% and goes up at least 1% with every sale, if BOGO reaches 25% at the end of friday est, we run 35% all weekend,
if not BOGO resets to 10% but each order counts as 5% all weekend.

We do have 50% BOGO sales now and then but it's not a set schedule other than major holidays.

BOGO counts on 2 items per sale.
(It should be noted that BOGO is not active for consignment items, extras, and yard sale items)

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