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Current Buy One Get One Discount: 50% | Free US Shipping: $1

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M-F: 9am - 7pm
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* Reminders *

  1. TAKE 20% ALL ORDERS WITH CHECKOUT CODE: THANKYOU for our Black Friday Sale!
  1. Adjustment of season prices, with paypal fees and packaging and ink and materials, etc.. we noticed some prices were too low others too high... they made no sense... this is the new price plan, share your thoughts in live chat! We want to hear from you! I think in order to keep things really fair, we'll lower the BOGO discount to apply to ALL titles, and not just titles over $15? How does that sound?

This actually won't effect most people at all, and lowerting the savings requirements actually should work out great, the real issue I was running into was costs and paypal fees on lowe season orders, killing me.

1 Season $8
2 Seasons $15
3 Seasons $22
4 Seasons $30
5 Seasons $35


* How Our Specials Work *

  • Every title over $15 that sells in the active week drops $1 each sale, titles over $50 go down $2, up to 10% off and can be found in the (Specials Area)
  • US clients can purchase one year free shipping subscriptions on all packages for ($25 media mail), or ($50 priority mail)
  • 10% Military Discount All Year to APO/FPO addresses
  • Every 5 orders will earn you free US shipping for the next order, or $5 off your next international order.
  • Buy One Get One applies to all titles $15 and up, starts at 25% on Mondays and goes up 1% with every order that comes in from anyone up to a max of 50% off on the lower priced item.
  • BOGO Goes up 2 pts at $100, 3 at $200, etc...
  • If the BOGO discount reaches 35% it will unlock free US shipping until the end of the week.
  • If the BOGO discount reaches 50% you keep the 50% and free shipping all weekend. This means that the week went well enough for me to pass the savings on to you guys.
  • If 50% is not reached, BOGO discount drops back down to 25%, but every sale during the weekend then counts as 5% instead of 1%, and free shipping unlocks at 50%.


* How Our Shipping Works *

  1. US Shipping Policy: All orders add 1% BOGO

Weekdays: BOGO 25%: US, Free Shipping at $100
Weekdays: BOGO 30%: US, Free Shipping at $75
Weekdays: BOGO 35% US, Free Shipping at $50
Weekdays: BOGO 40% US, Free Shipping at $25
Weekdays: BOGO 50% US, Free Shipping at $1

  1. Global Shipping Policy: All orders add 5% BOGO

Weekends: BOGO 50%, US Free Shipping on everything

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