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Welcome to DVDUA! Your One Stop Shop for Nostalgia and the meaningful stories that bind us and guide us! We are contract driven and backed up with a 100% guarantee. US Contracted. US Made. US Distributed. Family Run, not big corporation, building community one happy sale at a time.
Today is Feb.18.2018

BOGO Reset Timer (What is BOGO?)

$5 SINGLE SEASONS ALL WEEKEND! BOGO + LIBERTY COUPON = 25% OFF SECOND ITEM, and an extra 15% off your total order. Remember, the first discount is applied before you type in your payment, the second will apply after and before you confirm.

As a courtesy to all international orders, as we know sometimes shipping prices can come up as more than expected... that is why we extend this promise, that at the time of printing your shipping label, if we can process this at a cheaper rate than you were charged, we will refund the excess cost back to you.


​Here's the little FAQ I wrote up for anyone asking why we don't use Paypal anymore :)

After Paypal screwed over my mom we no longer use it but if you have a cc or debit we can send you a far more secure and popular Square™ invoice which works even better.

Basically, my mom was hacked by Russians who bought a laptop on her account and Paypal did not treat her very well. They even threatened to take the money from her bank account if she didn't pay for it!

The FBI got involved since it was across state lines. It was crazy. My mom has told me the story 3 times and I have to pretend each time that I haven't heard it before lol...

If you have a debit or CC, you can still checkout even better now, we are https secure and use a company with far more integrity. We are here for you 100%, always.

Thank You!

How BOGO (Buy One Get One) Works

BOGO means when you buy 2 items, you get the lower priced item for BOGO% off.

BOGO starts at 10% each week and goes up at least 1% with every order.

If 35% BOGO or higher is reached by midnight Friday night, that percentage will last all weekend, otherwise BOGO drops to 10%.

On Monday, BOGO resets.

How BOGO (Buy One Get One) Effects Shipping

Bogo 10%-24% = Free US Shipping at $100
Bogo 25%-50% = Free US Shipping at $75

Not eligible on Specials, Consignment Orders and Extras

News Miscellaneous Specials
  • Every title that sells in the active week gets a price reduction of 10% and can be found in the (Specials Area) for 1 week.

  • 10% Military Discount All Year to APO/FPO addresses

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Secure Encryption

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US Contracted. US Made. US Distributed. Family Run, not offshore. Building community one happy sale at a time.

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