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BOGO Reset Timer (How Bogo Works)

News of the Day

The Cleveland Cavaliers play the Boston Celtics on Sunday in game 7, a team who have not lost a home game all post season.  This is the final game to stay in it and Kevin Love is likely not playing due to a possible concussion, so here's the deal... If the Cavaliers win this game, I will hold a 50% BOGO sale all next week with free shipping on every single US order over $50... yep, another 50-50 sale if they win!

Thought of the Day

May 26, 2018 Watching girls' softball, Georgia vs Tennessee, kinda cool that the girls do supportive cheers to their teammates, makes the game more interesting than men's baseball... I enjoyed baseball when I was a kid, played a bit too, but mostly played soccer, goalie... until I got hurt, it was my fault really, got my leg stepped on going for the ball, I know a lot of people aren't into sports, and I wasn't for many years, but sports create community and fitness and focus and it's nice getting back into it now.

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