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Quick FAQ:

We are a licensed media wholesaler meaning we pay for digital contracts then put the media on discs for you to pass savings on to you and stay competitive.

Are titles in stock?
Items listed are in stock or they would be listed as out of stock, in English and complete.

Will this play in my country?
Format is worldwide region zero so we do ship worldwide

Why do you offer cases separately?
Most people don’t want cases so this allows us to offer better savings while also creating less waste.

Can you please confirm and advise the number of episodes for a particular title that is provided?
All seasons are complete unless stated otherwise.

Can you also confirm that the digital copies of the episodes you provide on the discs are from the official production company? They are not downloads from torrents for example? 
I have checked the files they sent us, and if they do have aired logos it is because they maintain clean copies to sell themselves for about 3-5x as much, this is the only way they allow us to sell them at our price point.

Can you confirm prices on your website are in US dollars? Or if not, what other currency?
US Dollars

What payment methods do you have available for me being based in Australia?
Our business license was approved and CC for international buyers should be set up this week, so your best bet is to wait until it's set up to take those orders, thanks!

Please also advise what country you are based? USA?

For the shipping, is the package tracked?
Packages are tracked within the US, but shipping costs for international packages are VERY high, so you would have to pay extra for specific tracking once it leaves the country, but we haven't had a lost package in years.

Playback Conditions:

We do not recommend XBOX playback as audio sync issues have been known to occur.

Newsletter Subscription:

All new orders get subscribed to oure newsletter which shares important information concerning the store, specials, etc... your email is not shared or sold to anyone at any time, your privacy is 100% with us, and you can ubsubscribe at any time.

Who Are We?

 Basically, we pay digital fees on everything we carry in the store and then add a small fee to make cases and artwork available. We also know labels reduce the life time of discs, and raise costs, and so two-fold this way we do right by the consumer while also being able to remain competitive by shaving off extra waste and production costs.  So, we pay for the digital contract, burn the discs, for overseas orders we add slipcovers, we can do covers and cases as well, most people would rather save the few bucks to go without the cases, but we do make cases available with full laminant art covers. 

As someone who loves people, who loves nostalgia, soundtracks and connecting people with old shows we loved that bring us back and unite us, I saw a lot of people being forgotten about as customers, and I knew I could do it better. Basically, we pay digital fees on everything we carry in the store and then add a small fee to make cases and artwork available. We also know labels reduce the life time of discs, and raise costs, and so two-fold this way we do right by the consumer while also being able to remain competitive by shaving off extra waste and production costs.

Adding Cases:

The reason we offer this option is since we pay all our contract fees on a service, and most do not want cases these days, we found we can lower our carbon footprint while atr the same time saving materials costs, in order to pass those savings on to you, the customer, and this is what keeps our prices competitive all year 'round, and able to have such dynamic sale policies that people enjoy.

All items can come one of two ways, you choose when picking any product, add cases or no?

If you do not add cases, your package will be discs in clean sleeves, and eco-friendly, resealable cello bags with tilecards with full artwork. They ship well, they look beautiful.

If you do add cases, your package will be either in a 4-disc, 6-disc, or 12-disc black case with cover artwork front and back.

You can go to the website and type in your make and model and check the box that says dvd-r and look down the list to see if your player is compatible. Because of ease of copying this media, we cannot offer refunds only replacements for defective discs.

Our Word to You:

Any legitimate problems you have we address in the customer's favor without question

Before ordering, please be aware we do not use any labels to avoid heat problems and to lower costs for you, so we can give you the best product at the best prices. Also, please be aware some of the DVD's we sell are not commercially-produced pre-records and some are made from the original master disc/sets. Picture quality is considered good-to-excellent, unless otherwise noted. Just keep in mind that many of these films may include screen logos, or if a very old show, show some signs of deterioration over the years, so please do not expect "PERFECT" quality. The cost to you is for the Media (blank disk we use), shipping, and time it takes us to do them for you. We do all we can to keep our cost as low as possible to help everyone enjoy the shows we offer.. Many Sites charge lots more than we do for exactly the same sets.. We do not do artwork on DVDs and they are shipped in individual sleeves to assure they arrive safe and with delivery confirmation on all orders. DVDs are recorded in DVD-R format, which is compatible with most new DVD Players. Please check your owner's manual or contact the manufacturer to make certain these discs will work with your system before buying. Please check the compatibility of your dvd player to play this media. 


As a courtesy to all international orders, as we know sometimes shipping prices can come up as more than expected... that is why we extend this promise, that at the time of printing your shipping label, if we can process this at a cheaper rate than you were charged, we will refund the excess cost back to you.


I run a business that cares about every single customer.
I have 100% feedback on Facebook, Ebay, Etsy, and other stores online for a reason.

Here's what happens. Many orders we print a bunch of shipping labels at the same time as the orders are being prepared. But then the packages still have to get picked up by the post, and then they have to be updated in the USPS computers before they begin to show movement.


​Square is affiliated with and Amazon, and these companies are secure and far better for everyone than Paypal.  You're not in the US so you don't know this as much as I do, but I'm telling you, Square is safe and absolutely legit.  So please, don't let it scare you off that we don't use Paypal.  We use the same authorization as Amazon, and a million other resources out there... most reputable companies do not use Paypal... people use Paypal because they are not set up to use the better resources for checkout... so this is a step up from Paypal, not a step down.

After Paypal screwed over my mom we no longer use it but if you have a cc or debit we can send you a far more secure and popular Square™ invoice which works even better.

Basically, my mom was hacked by Russians who bought a laptop on her account and Paypal did not treat her very well. They even threatened to take the money from her bank account if she didn't pay for it!

The FBI got involved since it was across state lines. It was crazy. My mom has told me the story 3 times and I have to pretend each time that I haven't heard it before lol...

If you have a debit or CC, you can still checkout even better now, we are https secure and use a company with far more integrity. We are here for you 100%, always.

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