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May 21, 2018: Maintenance Days will be performed each Tuesday morning  from 10AM - 2PM EST

May 16, 2018: As our efforts to keep security and safety high on our site, we are cleaning up all accounts unused for over a year, contacting customers who placed an order and those who have not, as a courtesy first, and then cleaning up all backend database files in order to keep you safe. Our SSL certifications are updated monthly, and our customer service is unparalleled, so shop safely knowing you're in good hands, getting the best prices and customer service.

Buy with Confidence! DVDUA is PCI DSS Compliant, which means every step of the way, you are cared for not only by us at the front end bringing you a service, but by the banking and processing securities on the backend. We believe in what we're doing, and we believe in making your experience as secure and enjoyable as possible.
Thank you!!

Thought of the Day

May 21, 2018 People sometimes believe the reason lower than 20 Hz sound is related to the paranormal that scares us most is because they believe the lower vibrations we can't hear are delegated to the world of the dead, and that those vibrations represent a sort of floor beneath us, ie. the grave, and that the living dead who are out to get us, will pull the rug right out beneath us while we wander through life blissfully unaware, but this is all entertainment and distraction... the fear is real, but only in the sense that an illusion or a shadow on the wall is being entirely misunderstood... because what truly terrifies is not the 20 Hz we cannot hear, but the frequency of God in the 528 Hz... but energy is pulled along by the flow, when it has no fingers with which to cling to powerstrip we call life.

The only haunting is what we do to ourselves. I'd like to believe Linda can come to me when I'm open and thinking of her... but I sit here absolutely open and listening with all of my being, the shadows, the blinking lights, and I listen to the flow of my movements as I type these words, particularly to the backspaces when I make a typo... the reflections and refraction of the world and my mind... but perhaps it is but the shadow of ghosts I see, as they stand in front of me, and I become terrified by the mirror they hold up that I run them off... it is only our unwillingness to see the truth perhaps that we remain prisoners by our own fear.

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