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BOGO Reset Timer (How Bogo Works)

News of the Day

We had a small technical issue where discs were coming up with circular scratches, it turns out that the disk printer for artwork has a tray with those circular scratches in it, likely from when it was made... turning the disc in the tray was resulting in these circular scratches... tonight I sanded down the tray with fine sandpapers and the problem has been resolved.

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Original Thought of the Day

I want to make it clear... I am against the idea of fake it until you make it. Because I see people faking it all the time, in the industry it's fraud... juking your numbers and stats, faking your credits, faking it means lying in every aspect of our life so people think you're making it, so that they'll be interested, faking it means you do not trust your audience.... I say don't fake it til you make it, I say be real, if you can't deal, be the guy who is struggling to deal with something... life's hard man, just be genuine... and you'll attract the right people... if you fake it, you're gonna attract others faking it and those who exploit fakers for their own benefit... and you'll cut yourself down smaller and smaller every day.. Don't fake it til you make it... be yourself, live your passion, and then embrace the opportunities that come your way with your whole being.

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How Bogo Works

BOGO begins each Monday at 10% and goes up 1% with every $100 of sale. BOGO is updated each night for the following day's discount. If BOGO reaches 25% by midnight PST on Friday we run 35% all weekend. If BOGO reaches 35% a 50% BOGO weekend is unlocked, if not it resets to 10%. And that's it! Easy, right? This way as we do well, we pass the savings on to you!

We do have 50% BOGO sales now and then but it's not a set schedule other than major holidays.

BOGO counts on 2 items per sale.
(It should be noted that BOGO is not active for consignment items, extras, items already on special and yard sale items).

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