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BOGO Reset Timer (How Bogo Works)

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What does that mean?!

It means 50% BOGO and FREE free! shipping on all US orders of $20... we've never had a sale this good before, and it's for one day only! It starts NOW! Oh my!

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When we're children nothing seems strange because we have no reference point so we're able to adapt to anything.. when we get older we learn how to master our reactions to the world and become adept at turning every situation into an opportunity for growth and learning and positivity... we essentially are born with a great skill which we unlearn and then relearn... perhaps if parents cultivated that early on instead of seeking to replace it with conformity... they wouldn't have to relearn the skill later... Zen isn't anything but remembering yourself.

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How Bogo Works

BOGO begins each Monday at 10% and goes up 1% with every $100 of sale. BOGO is updated each night for the following day's discount. If BOGO reaches 25% by midnight PST on Friday we run 35% all weekend. If BOGO reaches 35% a 50% BOGO weekend is unlocked, if not it resets to 10%. And that's it! Easy, right? This way as we do well, we pass the savings on to you!

We do have 50% BOGO sales now and then but it's not a set schedule other than major holidays.

BOGO counts on 2 items per sale.
(It should be noted that BOGO is not active for consignment items, extras, items already on special and yard sale items).

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