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Big Move News of the Day

Enter BIGMOVE on checkout for an extra 15% off any order of any size!

All proceeds really do help with the move,  Budget truck is $1200,  cat travel is $1500 for both cats, then there's gas, food, hotels, first month's rent, and much much more, so please... place your orders now and you not only get all our great savings, but you'll really be helping us out as well.

Email me any enquiries at jmb@dvdua.com

Last 600 discs arrive this week, and we drive out to California on the 27th... Linda goes back to work on the 8th, so shipping will resume on the 8th... the sale continues until then. Many orders taken from March 26-April 8th will not ship until after the 8th, others will be handled by my amazing and very young and lovely consignment girl, Donna. See you in sunny California!

I will be working up until the time I run out of supplies, and then many orders will go to Donna or wait until I am settled in San Diego after April 8th.

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Thought of the Day

By our every thought and deed, we identify as either a drop of nectar in the ocean... or a poison, but whichever we become, the ocean accepts us and either is pleased by the nectar, or saddened by the poison, but the ocean does not judge the oil or the nectar, rather it accepts them all on enriched and open shores.

How BOGO (Buy One Get One) Works

BOGO means when you buy 2 items, you get the lower priced item for BOGO% off.

BOGO starts at 10% each week and goes up at least 1% with every order up to a cap of 25% and 5% on weekends.

If 25% BOGO is reached by midnight Friday night PST that percentage will last all weekend, otherwise BOGO drops to 10%.

On Monday, BOGO resets (Special Sales will override these rules)



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